How do you start writing for your seminar. Most important is to think from the audience point of view. How do they listen, what do they want to listen to and what do they want to have achieved the moment they leave.

Then look at yourself, what do you want to tell, what do you want them to know the moment they step out of the door.

It’s very important to think about these two point of views. If they don’t mix well, believe me, your audience will leave, maybe not physical but mentally for sure. And you will not …

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The First of Many

I have my first seminar booked, and ready to go. In a couple of weeks I am allowed to talk about my situation and try to inspire others to reach out for the stars for around 75 people.

It doesn’t sound a lot, but like Rome it wasn’t built in a day. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes it can go really fast but for me, this is a wonderful accomplishment.

I hope I can really bring something to the table, something which can really touch and move the audience. Something they will think about, something they will have to look …

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My Limitations

The moment you leave your trusted environment you will know what you are capable of, but also your limitations. It’s good to break those limitations, but it’s very good to know them.

Know your strengths and know your weaknesses, empower your strengths, and limit your weaknesses. Is there a way you can overcome your weaknesses, is there way around it or is it something you need to learn to accept. If the latter one, then have peace with it, but never put it away. Always stay on the lookout, there might always be a solution around the corner which in …

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My Name is Nicole

It’s funny that you have a long conversation with someone and the reactions are just plain. The moment you come to your ending and almost want to finish with: My name was Nicole and I’m paralyzed from the waist below. Everything changes.

You hear a reaction which feels like their hearts is broken, as if I’m a poor little bird who flew against the window, you heard a snap and I fell on the ground. It’s lovely in a way because it means the other person on the line has empathy and is not afraid to show it. I try …

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The Struggle

Before starting this journey. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I saw speakers with limitations but the limitations didn’t stop them from accomplishing their life goals. It motivated me to break free.

After I set my goals, I had to go into the details, which for one was doing research about great expat medical insurances, which would cover me if any problems occur. Finding the right health insurance was both difficult as easy, because of my own limitations. I will go deeper into this subject in a later post as this is quite interesting and …

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